January 11, 2005

The Andy Blog

Talk about extreme parenting. Andres Trevino and his wife are from Mexico, but they have been basically living in Boston for the last few years after their 5-year old son, Andy began treatment at The Children's Hospital for a rare genetic immune disorder. They're preparing for a stem cell transplant, the only treatment currently available with a chance to cure the disease.

The Andy Blog is Andres' way of documenting his family's situation and his son's treatments, of communicating it to people back home, and of raising money for both Andy's treatment and The Andy Fund, a genetics research grant set up in his name. He's been at it for five years.

Check out The Andy Blog at andy.org.mx

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Wow. I just spent about two hours reading through the Andy blog. That is amazing. He's already had the stem cell transplant, as far as I could tell.

I have to admit, I am of two minds about the "designer babies" to treat a sibling's health problems. Thank God it doesn't seem to be a decision I'll ever have to make.

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