January 11, 2005

Can You Still Get A Maxi-Cosi Cabrio?

I've heard from several people in the US the last couple of weeks who have tried to buy a Maxi-Cosi Cabrio carseat online, only to find out the European retailer won't ship to outside the EU.

Is anyone else finding this problem? Did you buy a Maxi-Cosi and get it shipped with no problem? Where'd you get it?


Apparently there were some problems with parents who bought them and then found out that they matched European safety standards, not American ones. I guess they sent that back and its b**** to ship over there and I am sure it costs the company some money. Some places will still ship, but they put warnings on them.

They have them for a really good price at Babies R Us UK but they don't currently have the capabilities to ship anything from their site to an international address. At least we're not being singled out...

Check out the Dutch website www.babycare.nl

They still seem to ship the Maxi Cosi. It seems that if you order from outside Holland you don't pay sales tax (at least the price of the Quinny Zap in our cart was lower than the price advertised on the site)

Let me know how it went. I'm really interested in buying a Quinny Zapp. I checked it out while we were in Holand over x-mas and it is very cool. Light, folds really small and comes with an adapter for the Maxi Cosi. Could it be a Bugaboo killer????

We bought a maxi cosi cabrio and a quinny zapp from babycare in the NL. Both arrived yesterday, 10 days after placing online order. Smooth process and no glitches, we would order from them again. Additional costs: UPS shipping (depends on purchase) and customs clearing COD (app $20).

the baby is scheduled to make his appearance in a week, so can't comment yet on how the whole enchilada works with the child. will practice putting seat in car later today/tomorrow, so more to come in a few days.

Babycare.nl just shipped a Maxi Cosi Cabrio (in Pearl Gold) to us in Brooklyn (May 2005). The color scheme we requested was termporarily out of stock, delaying the shipment by about two weeks. Otherwise, the transaction and the service were fine. For customer service questions in English, the site offers local US telephone numbers that patch you through to the Netherlands. This way you don't have to pay the international telephone rate. Shipments are through UPS, which allows you to track the package.

The Maxi Cosi Cabrio seems to us superior in appearance and quality to car seats on the US market. The only thing to consider is that the Cabrio is bigger than the average infant car seat sold in the United States. But the larger size allows one to use the Cabrio until the infant is 15 months old.

how much do you pay for ups (about).
I want do order the maxi cosi

[we paid about $40 for DHL, Germany to NYC. You can check with babycare.nl to calculate shipping in USD. -ed.]

i want to buy the maxi cosi for my bayamo stroller i have buy in ebay , i live in the us and i they asking me for 100 dollars to ship it ! is there some where cheaper? on the web?

never replay to me back after 3 e-mails a send

Yes, you can get it from e-bay from seller named Maxoty , I think shipping is less than $30 for the carseat.

[maxi-cosi is launching the US version of the Cabrio, called the Mico, any minute now. Check elitecarseats.com, which has the preview/ordering info. It's a mere $149, with free shipping. -ed.]

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