January 7, 2005

Time Out New York Kids

tony_kids.gifI stopped reading Time Out New York a while back when I realized it was just reminding me of all the things I was missing because I was 1) out of town, 2) too busy, or 3) doing something else that was no doubt less exciting.

While I flipped through Time Out New York Kids right after our New York kid was born, we didn't yet have a totally-sentient being we had to entertain or engage with the city, so it didn't seem indispensable to me. Now that the kid's got a personality and interests, etc., a timely, comprehensive, and generally cool listing of kid-friendly NY things and places could be pretty handy.

Any experience on what TONY Kids' strengths and weaknesses are? What neighborhoods it covers well (or doesn't) and what age groups it works best (or worst) for?

You can subscribe to Time Out New York Kids here, which also gets you access to their website, but maybe it's better to check out an issue or two first.

Time Out New York Kids magazine

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It's really for kids, not babies. I subscribed but found nothing of use for a child that cannot speak or understand language. Their baby-friendly restaurant ratings are mildly helpful but woefully incomplete.

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