January 7, 2005

The Haircut Decision Delayed

Just to update: We went back and forth on the haircut thing for a while. Basically, it seems like the kid's still a bit young to really be susceptible to the pony-riding, video-watching haircut-facilitating stunts people have suggested.

And besides, at least in the long hair department, she's quite advanced for her age, and I didn't want to give up that competitive edge. I mean, if she had short hair, and I'm pushing her in a swing next to your bald-headed baby, you're not as obligated to say, "Yow, she's got a lot of hair," and who wants to lose that? [heh.]

So we just started using conditioner, and her hair is very shiny and usually more manageable now. California Baby Calming Hair Conditioner, if you want to know. Works great.

Buy California Baby conditioner for a measly $3.49 (albeit for a tiny 2.oz bottle, which still feels like a lifetime supply for someone with a head the size of a grapefruit.)


I cut the hair of my boys myself. Setting them in front of the tv, the eldest (3yrs) holds his head quite steady. His younger brother (just turned 2) did wonderful too last time. Before, he freaked out and we had to hold his head steady for him. :) Anyway, I use a 'tondeuse' (don't know what the english is), so it gives them very short hair, not something for girls. I'm not sure I'd have the nerves for scissors though.

Deducing the age of your daughter from the start of this weblog, I would probably just keep it long, or cut of the ends when she's asleep?

Rather than conditioner, try introducing some flax seed oil into her diet, a tspn (it's flavorless) into her morning cereal or soup should make her hair much more manageable and well, flaxen.

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