January 1, 2005

Sure, He Has A Name, But Can He Get A Reservation At 60 Thomspon?

As writer Rich Cohen tells how he and his wife came up with their son's name, he goes through just slightly over half the frightening/funny/weighty/ stress-inducing/exasperating thoughts and experiences an expectant father has to deal with:

In the seventh month of pregnancy, Jessica and I attended one of those classes where they teach you how to have a baby, how to count and how to breathe. We had to go around the room and in the manner of Alcoholics Anonymous each give our name and say something about ourselves. I said, "Hello, my name is Richard, and my wife, Jessica, is having a baby." This was on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, so a whole crowd of pregnant women jumped all over me and in voices that sang of Westchester and Long Island shouted, "You're both having the baby!"
How My Son Got His Name [NYT]
The essay is published in the just-released Committed : Men Tell Stories of Love, Commitment, and Marriage, available on Amazon


Hi, I read that article this morning and hoped you would have a link to it. Wasn't it awesome?

My wife read it this weekend and passed it over to me. She thought it was a tear-jerker, I gave it a shrug. I kept waiting for this great payoff about how the kid got his name which never materialized.

I read this article and could just once more deduce that the people who write these articles for NYT are prude little buggers. I have no idea why each article should mention birthing videos with snarky comments and claim they are "lewd".
In the end I think the article was not very good and a waste of the 10 min's it took me to read it. Could have been spent with the little one instead and been much more productive.

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