December 28, 2004

Womb House, by Atelier van Lieshout


Now! From the artists who brought you the 'Bad Furniture' cage/crib comes The Womb House. Atelier van Lieshout is a Rotterdam-based workshop/studio founded by Joep van Lieshout, which makes art that functions as furniture, architecture, or whatever, and that simultaneously challenges common assumptions at the same time.

The Womb House is basically the functional core of a house--kitchen, bath, ventilation, sleep--transformed into the shape of, well, you can see for yourself. Or better yet, let AVL's press release explain: "Its shape is exciting, poetic and beautiful. The womb contains a bedroom (the uterus is considered the safest place in the mind of human beings), heating, air-conditioning, electrical systems, kitchen and shower, while the ovaries contain the toilet and the mini bar. The Womb can make any space function [as a house]...The Womb House is a paradise to live in!"

And you don't need no ultrasound to find out. Just get yourself to Paris next month, when the Womb House will be on view at the Jousse Entreprise gallery. I'm sure interested parties will be allowed to climb in and try it on for size. And if you're really serious about buying, drinks'll be on the house.

The Womb House at Jousse Entreprise, 8 Jan - 26 Feb 2005
Atelier van Lieshout
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P.S.: Is that a Teutonia stroller in the picture above?

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