December 26, 2004

Hip Family Hotels, or Paris on $1,500/Night

So you're a hipster worried that your jetsetting, boutique hotel-hopping days are over? Afraid that all your vacations are belong to Mouse?

Well relaaax. According to Jennifer Conlin's report in the New York Times, there's a new crop of hip hotels that don't mind at all if you bring your kids along. They'll even provide nice little touches like kid's dining rooms, supervised play areas, Children's DVDs for your room, even arranging a babysitter during your spa treatment.

All for only $1,500 a night.

Quick, quick, what are these hotels? The Delano, The Mondrian, the Costes, the W...Um, but aren't those all hotels that were hip like five years ago? And now they're catering to... people with 4-year old kids? I see...

Hip Hotels With a Kid-Friendly Vibe (Sorry, No Waterslides) [NYT]
Also from the author: The Perfect Parent's Handbook


$1500 is such a reasonable price too...

If you are going to Orlando, I reccomend staying at the Marriot World Center or Marriot Cypress Harbor. there are kids there obviously, but its geared for adults and all ages as well. We stay there every year and its really nice.

i can confirm this trend with a recent experience:

the maclaren silver volo that i ordered from the maclaren web site was reported delivered, but never arrived. after tracking it through UPS, we found that it was sent to the Soho Grand hotel -- around the corner from us. turns out they ordered two silver volos on the same day, and the UPS driver (reasonably) assumed all three were for them. the hotel people explained that they are letting their guests use them (they also complimented us on our taste in strollers)

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