December 22, 2004

Celebrity Baby Loves Weego Carrier

odin_weego.jpgChecking in on Odin Snowdeal, the web's most blogged about x-treemie, not only is he doing well and plumping up like a ballpark frank, he's started doing product endorsements.

Odin (aka Eric IV) and his dad (Eric III) both love the Weego baby carrier which, although it's only sold in Europe now, originated in the US. [It was driven out of the market by high product liability insurance costs. Long story.]

Meanwhile, Germany's leading parent magazine named the Weego the best soft baby carrier, citing its attention to safety, comort, and proper posture support. This praise, combined with recommendations from preemie discussion groups, led the Snowdeals to deal with the hassle of ordering a Weego from Germany. Check out Eric's experience and various sling vs Bjorn vs Weego comments as well.

There are specially designed Weegos for Preemies and--hold onto your lower back--twins. In fact, Weego claims to make the only carrier for twins, suitable for kids up to 5-6 months. If you get one of those things, let me know when you go out; I want to see you on the street with it.

If you can get it shipped, Weegos are 74-89, depending on the fabric. []
The Eric Update - Day 124: Off Weego! []


I just emailed, and they will sell the regular models for $89 US ($99 for preemie), and ship to the US for $10-26, depending on your choice of shipping options.

I'm wondering what the advantage of a carrier like that would be over a wrap like the MayaWrap or Ellaroo. You can carry a baby of any size upright in a wrap, as well as doing forward, backpack, and side carries, and face them in or out. Or is it just that men inherently like more gadgety things and wraps don't have any fasteners?

or you can go on ebay and get an old school snugli for $10.
snugli was the original weego. for more see here:

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