December 21, 2004

Do You Know A Yummy Mummy?

Somehow, I doubt you do.

Typically, when someone's trying to persuade you of something, they mention their qualifications or past accomplishments. Hold that thought:

"Last summer we introduced America to the 'metrosexual,'" says Marian Salzman, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer of Euro RSCG Worldwide. "This year, we're seeing the categories of 'working moms' and 'stay-at-home moms' splinter into numerous segments, as women depart from tradition to forge life paths that work for them."

The five categories are as follows: Domestic Divas, Boomerang Moms, Yummy Mummies, Mini-Me Moms, and the Rage Brigade.

While I dig around to see if Euro RSCG has cooked up some "Duddy"-scale psychographic categories for dads, go read what Andi at Mother Shock and Mothers and More think of these labels.

The New Moms, announced for Mother's Day by Euro RSCG
Apple Pie in The Face Award to Euro RSCG [mothers and more]


The worst thing about this is that now we're going to have to endure 20 different stories in New York Magazine about this crap next year.

"Yummy Mummy?"

I much more prefer the American version: "M.I.L.F." Gets more to the point, methinks.

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