December 18, 2004

Sperm Banking and Testicular Cancer

Rather than just be funny and critical (or just critical, depending on your POV), I thought I'd round up some info on testicular cancer resources, including an important issue for dads and anyone with designs on being a dad sometime after a run-in with TC: spermbanking.

First off, testicular cancer is considered a young man's disease, it's extremely serious, so serious the diagnosis and treatment for it are typically very fast. If you have testicles and you're interested in using them, it's probably worth taking a few minutes to read up on testicular cancer.

Anyway, treatment options include chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, including possible induction into the One Nut Club. All good reasons to consider banking some sperm, since sperm count and sperm production can be affected by all three. And you thought sperm banks were just for starving college students.

Actually, reading through The Sperm Bank of California donor profiles, it IS a lot of college students. [Surprise surprise, the guy who says "It will likely prove my best job ever. It is truly a labor of love with lawyer-size rates." is still available.]

Testicular Cancer Resource Center was founded by TC survivors, inluding one who went on to work with Lance Armstrong's foundation.

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