December 17, 2004

Siemens Cell-based (Baby) Monitor

myay.jpgIt's not just for babies anymore. Early DT reader Enoch Choi uncovers a new advance in personal monitor technology coming from Siemens. Called the MyAy--which I think is a Utah spelling of Mia or Maya; add it to your shortlist if you dare--it is an all-in-one microphone, infrared, tempurature, motion, and acceleration sensor, which you can program to notify you via web, cell phone or SMS.

If they add GPS, you'll be able to leave the kid on the train, going back and forth, while you go about your day. And when the police find him abandoned in his stroller, you'll get a notification of your impending arrest via textmessage. Now THAT'S convenience.

Siemens Working On All-Purpose Sensor Gadget [personal tech pipeline, via Enoch Choi]
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