December 15, 2004

Spike TV Gets Real With 'True Dads' Documentary

I was wondering when this was coming. When SpikeTV announced the results of its viewer survey last spring, they also mentioned a series of documentaries they were producing about fatherhood.

They were originally supposed to be broadcast in November, but thanks to Rebel Dad, we know we didn't miss'em. True Dads is a multi-segment, 2-hour special which airs Dec. 17 at 9PM EST, (this Friday!) and will be hosted by famous dad (?) Bruce Willis.

For those of you wondering why the network better known for Star Trek reruns and the animated Pamela Anderson vehicle, Stripperella, is taking the risk of gettin' all real about realworld issues, relax. The show is on Friday night at 9; who's gonna be home to watch it, but dads and demographically undesirable loners?

'True Dads with Bruce Willis' Premieres on Spike TV Friday, December 17@9pm [PR Newswire, via Rebel Dad]
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