December 15, 2004

More Holiday Shilling in NYC and London

Here are a couple of heads ups that have come my way via the entirely unbiased world of store publicists. I relay them only for your convenience, and because I actually HAVE shopped at both these stores and DO like them very much. That said, neither flack seems to care enough about my kid's education to offer me a dime (or a farthing, respectively), but hey, it's Christmas so here goes:

  • First, in New York, The Apartment 101 Crosby Street is operating a 2-week "Baby Trunk Show," which runs from December 4 (Oops. See what difference no payola makes?) to this Sunday, the 19th. It features baby stuff from the likes of Oeuf (who make that sweet paperclip-lookin' bouncy lounger), Trash-a-porter (who rework vintage sweaters into new things; not as gross as it sounds), and the European label Touti, about whom I can find no information, but who make all kinds of stylish stuff, apparently.

    I used to love eating at the extremely casual restaurant in the back of the store, but at some point, they decided to become a showroom or a marketing concept or whatever, so retail action like this is something of a throwback for them.

  • Next, in London, Daisy and Tom, a store I'm sure has nothing to do with the Great Gatsby, it's sort of the Planet Kidz or Buy Buy Baby of London, but with a cool, friendly feel. I bought some cool Austrian blanket there before the kid was born. Of course, with the dollar smelling like an unemptied Diaper Genie at the moment, everything costs a bloomin' fortune...

    Anyway, they're having Dads Shopping Nights from 6-9pm Thurs 12/16 (tomorrow!) and next Thursday, 12/23 (which is cuttin' it kind of close), with personal shoppers (is that British for 'sales clerks'?) complimentary gift wrapping (I'd hope so, guv'nuh), foosball while you're waiting (??) and "plenty of cool beers will be available to ease Dads into the festive spirit." (a-ha.)

    The Apartment's website, which takes over your screen
    Hangout Baby Lounger by Oeuf
    Daisy and Tom website


    Daisy and Tom is a bit more upscale than Buy Buy Baby. They sell Baby Burberry, Baby Dior, and a ton of other top notch brands, not to mention prams and cribs in the thousands.

    true enough. The hotel concierge described them to me as "the poshest baby shoppe in London." And I don't think anyone would call BBB "the poshest shop in NYC."

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