December 14, 2004

LL Bean Jogging Stroller - InStep for Preppies

llbean_jogging_stroller.jpgConsidering I don't even jog to the Korean deli when I find we're out of Diet Coke, a jogging stroller has never been on my shortlist. But if you're a runner, you can certainly do worse than an InStep. The serious stroller geek over at [yeah, yeah, pot/kettle.] took the mid-range InStep out for a run and came away not unimpressed. They seem to be solid, quite nice, good performance, and a good value.

Which is probably why LL Bean decided to go with the InStep Ultra Aluminum when they introduced a Bean-branded jogging stroller. For anyone coming of age in the Preppy Handbook era, LL Bean was the supplier of choice for all your leafy, unpretentious New England-y needs. So if you stil have those needs, then LL Bean has a stroller for you. It comes in forest green, to match that boxy old Volvo wagon you see no need to get rid of.

LL Bean Deluxe Jogging Stroller, $199.00 [, note: this item cannot be monogrammed]
InStep Ultra Aluminum Jogging Stroller in original, unpreppy black, $139.99 []

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