December 14, 2004

Album di Famiglia at Estella

album_di_famiglia.jpgWe'd almost given up ever finding any black baby clothes, then yesterday, we found a whole whole world of them.

The kid's godmother had recommended Estella, on 6th Ave at 12th St, to us for months. I have to say, it's one of the most consistently cool, well-thought-out baby clothes stores I've ever seen. There was TONS of cool stuff, but not gratuitously cool; it looked comfortable, well-made, and distinctive, but not in a cutey cute way.

The total standout was an Italian brand called Album di Famiglia. Very minimalist, but comfortable-looking, in muted city colors [definitely not shown here]. The lady said they wear great, hold up in the wash, etc. We would have bought the hooded, mittened, footed jumper in strong, soft black felt in two seconds, but they didn't have the kid's size. And Estella may be the only one in the US who carries it.

The store's site invites you to "Forget Peter Pan collars and smocked party dresses," [which we'll happily do] and "imagine your clothes, only smaller." Um, not to rain on your excellent marketing parade, but isn't that the same disastrous impulse that gave the world both Mini-me and Jon Benet? Somehow it's OK if you work in an architecture office?

Anyway, when's the last time you wore a black felt hooded jumpsuit?

Estella, 493 Sixth Avenue []
Album di Famiglia stuff at Baby Closet [UK] MILLION dollars.


the stuff looks nice, but you failed to mention how much any of it costs. as with the maternity clothes my wife is going through, at what point is it too much cash for 3-4 months of wearing time.

the flip side of course, on both wife and baby fronts, is that they will be wearing these things everyday for the next 3-4 months, right?

Good, that's just the kind of rationalizing they need you to do.

The stuff is certainly not Old Navy-cheap. I think the suit we wanted was $110, on sale for $80 or so.

The way we've decided to approach buying clothes is to get a couple of really nice things, with the rest basics and gifts.

As for the kid's black wardrobe, it's mostly American Apparel onesie-like things and black leggings from Buy Buy Baby's bb basics. Nothing over $8.

I dunno, maybe it is just me, but on both the wife and baby front, not many outfits fit for 3-4 months... two months, maybe...

The best part of felted wool is tha once you wet it, then you lay-dry it flat but stretch it out. IN this way, you can make it last a little longer as it can increase in size. These are meant to be showcase pieces, you buy them for a special occasion or as the few pieces that you absolutely love or if you have sh*tloads of cash.

Greg, I searched everywhere for this brand and came up with nothing except the Baby Closet store which you already have up. BTW, its not that expesive (at least not on the Baby Closet website).

hello from Japan!
I buy Album di Famiglia baby cloths on the web site.↓
I've just bought some clothes for my cousin's baby on this site . My baby has Album di Famiglia body vest which I bought in Japan .It was expensive,cost about $68.00.

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