December 12, 2004

Bellini Crib Rated #1 [Among Politicians On The Take]

Outfitting a nursery's expensive, especially if you're gonna do it right Some people like to get friends and family to chip in a little somethin', which is great, unless those people are civil servants and their friends get their money from a mob-run stock swindling operation, and Rudy Giuliani pulls some major strings to get those people nominated to be the nation's new head of Homeland Security.

That's the lesson we learn from the NY Daily News' report on hundreds of thousands of dollars of undeclared gifts Rudy's guy Bernard Kerik received while he was the head of NYC's Dept of Corrections. The generous friend was a city contractor and soon-to-be-indictee named Lawrence Ray:

And Ray said he gave Kerik $4,300 more to buy high-end Bellini furniture when Kerik allegedly griped that he couldn't afford to furnish a bedroom for a soon-to-be born daughter...

"He was always crying about money," Ray said. "Like before Celine was born, he was always saying he couldn't believe how much everything cost and they were out of money.

Did Celine just drop off your shortlist?

News Finds Kerik in Cash Conflict [NYDN, via Talking Points Memo]
Bellini Crib Rated #1 []
It's starting to make sense: Miranda had Bellini on Sex and the City []


Thanks for the laugh!

We actually have a crib from bellini and it's quite nice. The rail is a bit stiff and can be tough to manage when you are trying to keep quiet though with a sleeping kid.

Ours was a gift as well - they are expensive, but so is Pottery Barn which as I recall is pretty closely priced.

Celine was never on the list... Dion anyone?

Try Morigeau Lepine, equally beautiful and nice furniture.

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