December 12, 2004

A Bloke Reports From Reel Mums

In this report, the Guardian's film critic (and new dad) Steve Rose skips the press previews and takes his 8-week daughter to a Reel Moms-style babies-welcome showing of Dodgeball in London. It'll sound very familiar, but As they say, it's the little differences: bottle warmers on the wine bar, leather seats, only babies under a year old allowed, saying 'mewling' instead of wailing. (and they call trucks 'lorries,' I hear.)

One thing's universal, though: for brand new parents who are jonesing to go to the movies again, it almost doesn't matter what's playing. Almost.

Paul Koloi, a former international rugby player, recently found himself sitting through Judi Dench and Maggie Smith's Ladies in Lavender with his baby son. "It didn't rock my world but I would have gone to see anything really."
Cinema Bambino

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That's just bad taste, taking your infant to a movie as bad as Dodgeball.

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