December 11, 2004

Only 2 More Shopping Days...

babystyle_stacker.jpg...until you have to pay retail again at

I don't know why I've never mentioned it before, but we received a couple of babystyle toys as gifts when the kid was born, and she is still loving them, even months later. The colors are tasteful, if a little Pottery Barn-y; they were clearly designed to appeal to parents with red/yellow/blue plastic fatigue, which isn't a bad thing.

Toys seem to go in and out of favor. Until the kid started moving around, you could dangle the Lamaze Cube over her, and she'd be transfixed all day, practically. Like a football fan in front of a widsecreen on New Years Day.

As for these babystyle toys, she really didn't get it for a long time; she'd just chew on them. Lately, though, she takes the little shapes out of the thing, she takes the rings off of the stick, she loves them.

Of course, when she rips all those rings off and starts gnawing ferociously on the end of the stick, I sometimes wonder just what those toy designers were hoping to teach with this "learning toy." But it does reaffirm my snap decision--made when we found out we were having a girl--to not let her date until she's 30.

babystyle giant soft shape sorter [reg. $16.00] and babystyle giant soft stacker [reg $18.00].

babystyle's friends and family 25% off "event", otherise known as a "coupon code," [SHARE142, to be exact] ends 12/12. []

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