December 2, 2004

Going Out With Kids

On Ask Gothamist, a single woman seeks advice on going out with her friends who insist on bringing their baby everywhere, even to movies and bars. So: Are YOU aware of how annoyed child-free get when you go out with your kid? DO you go out with your kid? Do you ever actually go out with child-free friends anymore?

Kidding Around


We've taken our daughter out. Many times to family places, or places that are normally noisy (Sally's Apizza, e.g.).

There are really nice (not quite suit & tie) places we used to go that we no longer go to (yet -- though we may try sometime, just go a little earlier).

We've gone to moderately nice place a couple times, but they're usually a bit on the noisier side. Often she sleeps, or will sit there looking around. If she fusses, we'll take turns eating/carrying her around. If she makes a lot of noise, we'll take her outside.

We used to be people who got annoyed with kids making a lot of noise. We have more sympathy for others now, but I still think you shouldn't let a baby cry/scream in close proximity to people who want a decent dinner for more than a short while.

If it came down to another couple, if they didn't have kids, I would never assume bringing the kid along -- I would ask first.

Part of taking kids with you everywhere is so then learn how to act when you go places, whether its a grocery store or a restaurant. I know people who rarely take their kids in public and then when they have to, the kid treats every place like its his family room. It's not a pretty picture. (And really, babies are certainly easier to haul around than toddlers and usually quieter. At least you can usually feed them to get them to shut up. Not so with a 2-year-old.)

What I would be more worried about is the parents. Sometimes its nice to get a break every so often. First-time parents can sometimes get really panicky about leaving the baby with someone else though, so I would go easy on them until they get more comfortable with it.

Gosh - hello longest comment ever ...

[note: I moved this here; it was originally listed on the dog yarn finger puppet post. -dt.]

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