November 30, 2004

Have You Ever Tried Greek Olive Oil?

kotinos_olive_oil.gifI didn't even know it existed. Most people don't. The Italians have olive oil mindshare just about cornered, but then the grocer down the street got all impassioned like I've never seen her when, upon seeing it on the shelf, I asked if it was any good.

The most intense flavor you can imagine, If you don't like it, bring it back, and I'll buy you a bottle of Italian, she said. The Greeks use one type of olive, you see, the Koronaiki, to make their oil. The Italians, they blend different varieties. It homogenizes the flavor.

Sure enough, tonight, as we were massaging generous toothbrushesful into the kid's scalp, trying to get rid of cradle cap, the Kotinos Extra Virgin Olive Oil gave off an incredibly rich, fruity aroma. It made me want to grind pepper over her and rub her with a crust of bread.

If you can't find it at your specialty grocery store, order Kotinos Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil online []
Treating cradle cap []


We can buy this stuff at the large grocery in town, as it has an organic food section.
IT does rock, and whereas with most other olive oils you don't really get an olivey flavour (i.e - if you can use it in your pancakes without making them tast like pizza, its weak) whereas, with this stuff you really get the flava flava

Yay for Greek olive oil! (Although, I also buy the weak Italian kind because I like to use olive oil instead of any other kind, but don't want my cake to taste funky. heh.)

wait, what?
"we were massaging generous toothbrushesful into the kid's scalp, trying to get rid of cradle cap"

i have never heard of this..

as for olive oil, our friend's family in sicily makes "single olive" oils and they are grassy, tasty and phenomenal. worth the extra money any day.

Greeks and olives (and olive oil) have been a pretty well known combo since Zeus was big :-)

The funny thing is that a lot of the best olive oils come from Spain these days.

I'm Italian, but I love the Greek olive oils for their pungent aromas. Of course, you can't bake with them for that reason, but that's why you need a collection of oils in the pantry.

Also, the oil - cradle cap thing works quite well. My wife also bought the Gerber (i think) kit with a combination of shampoo and moisturizer (the latter which was just oil anyway).

OK, seriously. As my wife was rubbing another tablespoon of oil into the kid's head tonight, it smelled so good, I had to run out and buy a baguette for dinner.

Of course, if you're the one combing all the flaky sludge out of her hair, it may not be so appetizing.


Olive oil, for those that were surprised by the scalp rubbing thing is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and is good for curing lots of things besides cradle cap.

Like bed wetting?

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