November 30, 2004

"A Dingo Ate My Bay-Bay"

dingo_snack.jpgWhat is it with kids and dingos? I mean, only ten people saw A Cry In The Dark in 1988 (and I wasn't one of them). Yet somehow, Meryl Streep's anguished, Australian-accented line, "A dingo ate my baby!" has infiltrated our collective consciousness.

Matthew Baldwin on The Morning News' New Fathers' Roundtable:

One of the biggest lessons Iíve learned is that, while black humor is a key coping strategy for my wife and I, itís best to keep it in the family. It is certainly to be avoided around people who donít have children themselves. In the early months, when we were reeling from an enormous sleep deficit, we would often joke, ìWell, you know, if things get any worse we can always call 1-800-DINGO.î But, oh brotherósay something like that in front of someone who doesnít have kids and sheíll react like youíve just shot your child with a BB gun.
The same goes for dressing your kid in a "Dingo Snack" T-shirt, too, I guess.

For what it's worth, the IMDb quotes the actual line as, "The dingo's got my baby!"

Dingo Snack T-shirt, $18.00 from glarkware [via Christy, who originally recommended the "For Sale By Owner" T-shirt]
TMN New Fathers Roundtable II
A Cry In The Dark memorable quotes []
Bid on a stapler autographed by Meryl Streep [?? stupid, even for charity]


Gah! I saw the dingo shirt after I sent the email - isn't it great? I love how the dog looks so cute and happy. I guess that's what having a little baby snack will do for you.

I think the reason I have a certain fondness for the For Sale by Owner shirt is because I have more than one picture of myself as a toddler with a shirt on that says "Kid For Rent - Cheap." My parents were the original hipsters, I suppose.

The reason I think "A dingo ate my baby" is so famous is from Elaine on Seinfeld. Pure comedy. Ahh, the good ol' days!

Is it wrong that I want one of these? And the baby's not even here yet?

maybe they'd make a "dingo trainer" t-shirt for you.

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