November 29, 2004

Frog Gets The Bugaboot

The stroller so nice, they replaced it twice. Bugaboo is discontinuing the Frog for 2005 and will replace it with two new models: the Gecko and the Cameleon ("Leave out the 'h' for Holland.").

Details to follow, but if you're deadset on a Frog, you probably have a few months to shop; we got ours in Feb. 2004, and it was manufactured in December, so there's a couple of months inventory out there. Who knows, they might even go on sale?

[Thanks to Patty, who detected a great disturbance in The Stroller Force* and sent some droids to warn me.]

[*Awesome. Not only am I a stroller geek, I'm a Star Wars stroller geek. My child is doomed.]

Buy a Bugaboo Frog while you can at babystyle.

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