November 29, 2004

Bugaboo Cameleon: Because there's no 'H' in 'Love'

I don't know why Bugaboo spells its new model, the Cameleon, without an 'h'. Maybe it's those rumors I've been hearing about foreign countries, how they have differn't words for everything. But enough of that crazy talk.

What's important is the radical new design and wealth of new features that the Bugaboo Cameleon offers over the suddenly-so-10-minutes-ago Frog. And that is, well, it's now available in Pink. Or Green. But not Pink and Green. And not Eggplant.

green_cameleon.jpg pink_cameleon.jpgYes, the most visible change is a new variety of color configurations. The Frog's interior/exterior fabric options have been replaced with what's called Standard/Extra fabrics. And the Extra fabrics are now a water-repellent fleece.

Even though it's called a Cameleon, there's no hint yet that you can buy multiple fabric sets so you can, you know, change your stroller color to match your outfit.

Or pimp out your Frog with Cameleon colors. The Cameleon site mentions a "larger seat/bassinet frame" and "longer wheelbase" but doesn't give specs or talk about backward compatibility. They're not just in the seatcover business, though, so I doubt it.

Other than the color and fabric changes, and possible dimension tweaks, the other noticeable changes are refinements, not breakthroughs: an extendable-length handle, a better-positioned brake, and for the bassinet, a new "German TUV tested Aerosleep matras" [again with the wacky non-American spellings!].

No word as yet on accessories, availability, or pricing, but I'm sure that, given the strength of the US Dollar these days, it's best to just get a Cameleon in every color.

Visit the Official Bugaboo site for updates
[12/1 update: Bugaboo US contacted me and asked me to remove the previous links. Apparently, it's jump-the-gun season in The Netherlands.]

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Looks the same to me, Greg But what do I know, I'm just patiently awaiting the Quinny Buzz...

Okay - I can see "cameleon" but "matras"? That just looks made up! Those weird ferriners.

matras is the Dutch word for mattress (if that is in fact the correct American spelling), so they simply didn't bother translating it.

My wife and I have ordered a clear blue and orange Cameleon from what used to be my neighbourhood shop in Amsterdam. They don't normally do mail-order, but they were willing to help us out with this order. They don't take credit cards, so I'll have to transfer funds from my Dutch bank account to theirs.

The delivery time from Bugaboo NL is eight weeks. Add to that the time it takes to send it to the US and we're looking at delivery some time in April. Our baby is due in mid-May, so the timing should work out nicely unless there's a delay.

I'll post some photos when we get it.

Looking at the Bugaboo site the Cameleon looks like a slightly improved Frog. Any news on how this compares to the Gecko? It mentions being "larger" but that's all. I like the stripped down (light) Gecko, but wonder about the need for a (chew) bar. Perhaps the Gecko frame is similar to the old Frog?


I live in Germany and cannot find the cameleon in any store. Can somebody help with an mail order address in the netehrland, where I could order it?

Thanks in advance!

Does anyone know where i can order a bugaboo cameleon from in the Netherlands. I live in the UK?

I found two stores in Netherlands can ship worldwide!!
I would consider to order one to ship it to me!
I live in Taipei, Taiwan!! Far away from Netherlands!
Hope this help for you all!!
They can ship to London by UPS for 70 euros

I asked a few shops in France about the Camelon.
It won't be available until Q1 06 and if bought in the Netherlands, they won't be able to service it.

Does anyone have experience or know anything about international warranty and service? I would be reluctant to spend 900 eur to have the Cameleon shipped down from the Netherlands and have no way to have it repaired.


My Bugaboo Cameleon finally turned up today after approximately eight weeks in the hold of a ship en route from Amsterdam to California.

It turns out to have been well worth the wait. It's a beautiful pram and the improvements with respect to the Frog are definitely appreciated.

Photos are available in my blog entry about assembling it.

Purchased the Cameleon from No problems, no issues and you can even call them through a US exchange. Shipped to Chicago within 4 weeks. Colors are Sand Base and Red Top. In my opinion a worthwhile purchase. Improvements over the Frog are clear if you see the two together and have used both. Obviously an order from Europe will subject you to some additional costs. Best information I have seen so far puts the US price for the Cameleon around $900. Bottom line is that anyone who would spend $730 for "last year's model" (and run the risk that it will go on sale when the Cameleon hits our shores) will spend $900 for the new one.

No regrets. Great product. More dynamic than the Frog. Definitely snappier in appearance.

By the way - I have been told that everytime a shipment comes in it basically gets distributed between buyers in NYC, LA and Chicago.

Can anyone tell me if there is a difference in the color Red between the Frog and the Cameleon?


found the answer to my question:
Hi Irma,

Thank you for writing us here at Bugaboo North America. Yes the base fabric for the Cameleon is the same color as the Frog, except the Cameleon will not have the Bugaboo symbol on it. The symbol is on the tailored fabric. You will not be able to use the Frogís seat with a Cameleon frame. The Cameleonís frame is longer in size therefore the seat fabric for the Frog is too small. If there is anything else that I can help you with, please email me back.


renee toma

customer service

bugaboo north america

12 west 23rd street

3rd Floor

new york, ny 10010

p 212.645.2340/800.460.2922

f 212.645.2341

Visit our website for exciting daytrips around the World.

There is a babystore in Barneveld / Netherlands who does have the Bugaboo Cameleon in stock and delivers all over the world /

They do have a wonderful service,


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