November 28, 2004

The Modernist Nursery

Regular readers of Daddy Types can feel a little satisfaction, followed by a little implication, as they read "The Modernernist Nursery," Elizabeth Weil's NY Times Magazine article about, well, modernist design-loving parents grappling with the hideous crap the childrens' mass market expects us to put in our houses. (Oh, sorry, am I letting my editorial bias show through?)

The piece focuses on the parents of parent companies modernseed, Oeuf, and David Netto, all of which were covered months ago on DT. What Weil did report, though: good cribs are the next big thing.

God is in the article's details, but here's Weil's thesis in one slightly annoying sentence: "Contemporary design for kids is really contemporary design for adults who have procreated."

The Modernist Nursery [NYT Mag, via Todd, whose supply of leisurely Sunday mornings to peruse the Times just ran out. Congrats!]

Previously on Daddy Types: modernseed, Oeuf, David Netto

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