November 25, 2004

Shotaro's Stokke Xplory Blog

shotaro_explory.jpgSure, dads and moms are keeping blogs all over; these days, even kids--even fetuses--have their own blogs. And don't EVEN get me started on all the cat blogs...

But, I wondered, what about the strollers? Who blogs for them? Tonight I got my answer: Shotaro's parents. The Tokyoites brought a Stokke Xplory over from England last spring, and the rig shares top billing on the blog with their 8-month old son. For months, theirs was probably the only Xplory in Japan. It's certainly the only one with its own URL.

Although the subject of most of the entries--which are in Japanese--is Shotaro's daily outings, it's the subplots that're most interesting. His parents learn how to deal with the inevitable questions and comments the Xplory elicits. And after several months of wheeling around in guaranteed, international-flavored uniqueness, the parents start waiting and wondering when they'll see a fellow Xplory coming down the street.

I'm getting a little choked up just thinking about it. Ganbatte, Shotaro!

Shotaro with Stokke Xplory Blog [Japanese]
English translation [via Excite Japan]

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That is soo cute. And I love how Shotaro's dad notes your post about his site - "overseas blog" Daddytypes.

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