November 23, 2004

On Selecting Music For The Delivery Room

In Main Street Mom ("for modern mothers with traditional values"), Michael Powers writes about getting all emotional and being all clueless while his wife was pregnant with their first child:

...after being 3 weeks overdue, the doctors decided to induce labor. So there we sat in the hospital waiting for something to happen. Kristi had wanted a CD player in the room so she could listen to relaxing music as she went through the huffing, puffing, and pushing. I thought it would be funny to put in a CD by Salt-N-Peppa [sic] and play their song called "Push It." So as soon as I was sufficiently bored of waiting, I turned the CD player on and out blasted:


I was so proud of my little joke.

When I looked up, I saw Kristi and her mom giving me the death stare. Not even a crack of a smile. I was grinning from ear to ear, but realized that if I wanted to be a part of this miracle and stay in the room I, had better turn it off in a hurry and put some soothing music on.

That was in 2000; I'm sure Kristi and her mom have forgotten all about it by now.

The New Father Fog
[Main Street Moms]


Prior to my delivery, my husband and I made a ėmaternity mixî on the iPod and he went out and bought the portable Altec iPod speaker system ėfor the baby.î I did my best to make all the songs my favorites, or songs that were mellow or relaxing.

Unfortunately, about an hour after the pitocin kicked in and I began pushing, Coldplay came on and my husband looked in my eyes, while holding a leg, and sang, ėNobody said it was easyÖ No one ever said it would be so hard..î

When I was hanging around in the assessment room waiting for the stupid induction gel to get me past 4 cms dilated, I managed to get Johnny Cash singing "Hurt" stuck in my head. "I *focussed* on the pain"
Real helpful, that.

We brought Depeche Mode with us. The nurses, the OB/GYN and us had some kind of a party going on.

God damn that is funny. I hate it when I read something so good I wish I had thought of it too.

I've been waiting for someone to mention Cash's "Ring of Fire."

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