November 22, 2004

How Many Bad Ideas Can You Fit In One Post?

So some Scottish Queer Eye interior decorator couple is going to "adopt" a baby for their new reality TV series. But they're only going to take care of it for five days of filming, then they'll hand it back. To the animatronics lab who made it. That's right, they're going to raise a crying, pooping, eating, wiggling robot baby.

Apparently, when the cast of "Big Brother 5" had to tend a robobaby last season, it was hilarious, which makes me think we've found the level of the room.

We're going to be left holding the baby! [Evening Times, UK]


Actually, I'd like the idea of adopting an animatronic toddler as a playmate for our son. If nothing else, it would keep education costs down.

what you save in education, you lose on software upgrades and tech support.

And then who's gonna change YOUR diapers when you're old?

Anyone ever seen AI?

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