November 19, 2004

Now You Know Who To Blame For Baby Uggs

Do you ever wonder how some patently ridiculous trends--say, diaper cakes, cutesified camo diaper bags, or the worst, Ugg boots (make that second worst. I just remembered baby Uggs)--take hold? Well the Wall Street Journal finally reveals all. They're all thanks to the evil celebrity product-placing genius of Jaye Hersh, who runs the West LA boutique, Intuition. Somehow, she has turned Kate Hudson and the like into her personal People-paparazzi-posing parenting product placement puppets. More power to you, Jaye.

How a Small Boutique Gets $25 Moccasins On Celebrities' Feet [WSJ]
Other Intuition products: for People who need People
Intuition's online shop


Sorry to disagree, but I have Ugg boots and shoes myself and they are by far the best and most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! The baby ones are great to, unless your kid has a "sock is pulled up all the way in the shoes" obsession like a child at my school.

Yeah, yeah, people said the same thing about Earth Shoes,and they were UGGLY (sic) too! Of course, maybe you're not old enough to remember them.
Be sure to get many pictures of yourself and your child wearing them so you can have fun ridiculing each other in about 2020 or so.

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