November 19, 2004

Dealing With Childhood Goat Trauma

goat_trauma.jpgWe like to think kids are pretty resilient, but if the folks at the Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation are to be believed, a single scary-but-innocuous-seeming incident at a petting zoo can leave debilitating lifelong scars.

So what treatment does the Foundation recommend? It's not entirely clear, except that it requires buying several Goat Trauma Awareness Tour '04 T-shirts.

The Childhood Goat Trauma Foundation
[via TMN]


The goat web page is an exercise in irony, not a serious foundation.

Listen Marta, you can call it irony if you want, but I was bashed in the face by a goat when I was little. They only thing that stopped me from being traumatized for the rest of my life was that there was a two headed snake to look at.

It's not real? Dang. A goat ate my dress (while I was wearing it) when I was three. Goats still freak me out 33 years later.

I had to comment on this one, growing up in Norway. We had goats everywhere. On top of the house in the summer, in the garage and cars in winter. Talk about trauma, I am one of five and only the youngest still has nightmares. Legitimate nightmares...I would definately call it goat trauma. At first I laughed but believed it to be real. It wasn't until I checked out photographic evidence that I started laughing uncontrollably.
There is certainly actual goat trauma, this is brilliant laughter therapy to help us all move on with our lives.

and here, I thought the whole thing was a scam to sell t-shirts...

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