November 17, 2004

Grand Central Terminal, 101 East 42nd St - YES

DT reader and minimalistdad Craig reports:

Use the bathroom on the west end of the food level, under the escalators.

You'll find the unmarked, but unmistakable changing table built into a nicely lit nook. The table and backsplash are of black granite, which complements the terazzo floors and marble walls nicely (I'm not
kidding). Actually, one of the nicest changing tables I've seen in NYC. Because of the stone surface, you'll need a pad of some kind, or do it minimalistbaby-style and put and extra diaper under his head.

Oh, and PLEASE don't use the bathroom on the other end of the food level. [I'm assuming this is the always-filthy one in front of the police desk on the east side. For the record, it DOES have a changing table, though.

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