November 15, 2004

Jeff Bennett's Gay Dads To-Do List

[Catching up on my email backlog, -DT]

1. Get La-Z-Boy.
2. Select 2nd gay parent-friendly adoption jurisdiction. ☑ [Oregon, FYI.]
3. Decide on birthing method ☑ [surrogate pregnancy w/donor egg]
4. Buy & remodel apartment. ☑.
5. Complete IPO. ☑ [NASDAQ: LGBT]
6. Go to Oregon for baby girl's birth. ☑
7. Feel like all the yard signs supporting Oregon's upcoming anti-gay marriage initiative are directed right at you. ☑
8. Have baby. Don't forget video camera. ☑
9. Learn how to swaddle. ☑
10. Get a full night's sleep. ☐

A belated congratulations, all five seem to be doing well [dads, baby, surrogate Jessica and husband], and hope the election thing works out. [Oh wait...]

Who's Your Daddy?: Election Year Baby
[Jeff Bennett at]

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