November 9, 2004

MoMA By Stroller?

It was my day, and the sitter turned out to have scheduling issues, so I ended up taking the kid with me to a meeting at the new MoMA.

[Unless there were some latenight shenanigans during construction, I believe that I changed the first (and second) diapers in the building.]

Getting around by stroller is very pain-free. There are escalators and some stunning staircases which you'll miss out on, but the place is designed for elevators.

The one drawback I found--my kid drove around quiet, charming, and enthralled, so if you hear screaming, don't look at me--were the Bugaboo tires. Any stroller with rubber/inflatable tires will squeak like a chapelful of Sunday shoes on the polished wood floors. The stone, terrazo, and carpet ones are no problem. If you're really self-conscious, spraying the tire treads with a dry silicone lube before going in might work.

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