November 8, 2004

No cupholders, but you can dance to it

Now about that music: What's up with the European stroller industry's--or at least the Netherlands regional office of it--penchant for slightly out-of-date techno music? Check out this playlist from Euro-stroller movies:

  • Quinny Zapp: Praise You, Fatboy Slim
  • Quinny Buzz: A little less conversation, JXL vs Elvis
  • Koelstra K73: Hey Boy, Hey Girl, Chemical Brothers
  • Bugaboo Frog how-to video: the Flash movie has what appears to be a bouncy, original techno composition. Nice, unobtrusive, but like many Flash-based soundtracks, the short loop may eventually drive you mad.

  • 1 Comment

    My son's favorite song is The Rockafeller Skank, also by Fatboy Slim. Maybe they've got something there - although it isn't like the 2-year-old is coughing up the dough for a new stroller ...

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