November 8, 2004

MoMA, 11 West 53rd St - YES

Didn't check them all, but the mens rooms I saw on the ground floor and 3rd floor had changing tables in the wheelchair accessible stalls. Stainless steel-cased Koalas.


Any chance for a quick review of the kid-friendliness of renovated MOMA? We're flying out in a couple of months to check it out. They used to have those long, skinny escalators which were a pain with the stroller. I prefer ramps or elevators. Also, there was only one escalator to the lower theater section so you had to carry the stroller at least one way. How is it now?

Strollers? With potentially screaming small children in them? In a museum? Sacre bleu.

Of course, perhaps Bugaboos have a mute button. ;-)

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