November 8, 2004

At-Home Dads Convention,, Nov. 20

The 9th Annual At-Home Dads Convention is coming up, as if I need to tell you. Unlike most other occupation-related conferences, it's on a Saturday, Nov. 20th, to be precise, at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, Illinois.

The AHDC is organized by AHD Newsletter publisher and all around parental ringleader, Peter Baylies, and features a day of keynotes and roundtable discussions. If Peter's book is any indication, the conference will be full of a lot of people sharing practical tips and experiences.

To get you all psyched for the big dads' night out, Brian Reid, aka Rebeldad, is leading the last discussion, "Sex and the At-Home Dad: Triumph, Satisfaction, or Oxymoron?" Registration's $75.

At-Home Dads 2004
9th Annual Convention

Peter Baylies's At-Home Dads Newsletter
The Stay-At-Home Dad Handbook, by Peter Baylies and Jessica Toonkel

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