November 1, 2004

Raffi's "Bananaphone": The Spoken Word Edition

From what I've heard so far, Raffi is like Barney without the plushie costume, i.e., friggin' annoying. Apparently there's one song he does called "Bananaphone," which one Andy Zebrowitz has re-recorded in a deeply serious voice that sounds like he should be working in the automated phone menu industry.

Download a little mp3 of this 30-second masterpiece. Visit the prolific Zebrowitz' site, [via BoingBoing]
[Update: some enterprising BoingBoing'er has converted the track into a ringtone for Sprint phones. Can you hear me now?]

1 Comment

Out of all the ridiculous crap I write, record, draw, or otherwise vomit up, this is what I get notoriety for. Fantastic.

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