October 31, 2004

MoMA Store Pacifier Amuses, But Doesn't Pacify

vice_versa_pacifier.jpgWe got this pacifier early on as a gift. It's sold at the MoMA Design Store, but it's designed for Vice Versa by Elisa Gargan and Terry Pecora. The pacifier is certainly distinctive-looking and comes in a molded hard plastic case, both of which the kid enjoys playing with. The postive/negative shape of the case seems especially interesting to her.

That said, it's basically useless as a pacifier. The smooth nipple doesn't stay in, probably because the kid's used to sucking on the more dumbbell-shaped Nuk pacifiers. But the silicone is oddly tacky, almost like those octopus things you throw on the wall.

Vice Versa are the same folks who make the carrot-shaped bottle brush and the flower-shaped bottle rack I've posted about before. If the pacifier's any indication, you may be making more of a style/substance trade-off than you think.

Buy the Vice Versa pacifier anyway at MoMA Design Store
Check out all the other cute VV baby products to be skeptical about [Viceversa]
Japanese store sells your kid cool in the form of a carrot-shaped brush [DT]

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