October 30, 2004

Andale! Andale!, Nicolai!

Unlike Denmark, Romania clearly has no government-approved list of baby names for parents to choose from. A couple was racing to the hospital in some random city (seriously, does it matter?). The wife's in labor in the car. The husband's driving as fast as he can. Faster, Faster! But not fast enough, it turns out. I hope they went for the leather interior.

...and what name to they decide on for their little car-born son? Speedy Gonzalez.

Couple Name Baby Speedy Gonzalez
[Pistonheads, via Gawker Media's car blog, Jalopnik]
Do you work for the Romanian Childrens' Welfare Ministry? The you must read this: Jumping through Danish baby-naming hoops [DT]
See? It can happen in the US, too. Giving birth on the freeway, that is. Not (I hope) the naming nonsense [DT]

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