October 28, 2004

2004's Scariest Halloween Costumes


The Stranger has some suggestions for DIY costume folks, including Lynndie England, Nancy Reagan, the Abu Ghraib guy... But I'm sorry, the Jenna Bush's Liver costume? That's going too far, bringing someone's daughter into this.

2004's Scariest Halloween Costumes [via BoingBoing]


Cool link. I think my pregnant wife might dress up as Lyndie England. Thanks for the idea.

BTW, if you're the anti-christ, it is totally OK for people to rip on your daughters. I wish a pox on the houses of all republicans. (just regular chicken pox is fine. I wouldn't want anyone to die or anything. Enough of our troops are dying for Halliburton...err, I mean the freedom of the Iraqi people. yeah, the people. that's it)

hmm. maybe you could channel your rage into making those costumes and getting out the vote.

And since some of my best relatives are Republicans, if their kids get the pox, I'm sure mine'll pick it up. How about wishing a plague of investigations for vote tampering and suppression on Republican operatives, and leaving the rank-and-file alone?

Indeed. Well-said, Greg.

Now I'm off to dress my daughter up as an arrested protester. A great idea - wrapping them up in traffic netting. But not just for Halloween...for anytime. That outta keep them occupied for a while. ;)

Thanks for the kind wishes for my family and me.

Can you please put SCARY costumes on all these sites?

I mean, not to be rude but, all these costumes ive been looking at arent scary! And this halloween im not going tricker-treating, im hiding in bushes and SCARING them, not trying to make them laugh!

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