October 17, 2004

My Pretty Expensive Pony

eero_aarnio_pony.jpgHis seating is nothing if not innovative. Eero Aarnio is the guy who designed the Mentos-with-a-seat-scooped-out plastic chairs that filled my elementary school library (the ones I now wish I'd snagged at a school surplus sale, had I only known...) He's also the guy who designed the hanging bubble chairs you sit in if you manage to get past the door at The Standard hotel on Sunset.

Meanwhile, Aarnio's 1973 Pony is adult chair-sized and meant to be sat on, but it's got a kid-appealing shape and range of colors. All at the grown-up price of around $2,100. If you're making your kids sleep in the same room to teach them character, you could turn another room into their little stable, chock full of Pony chairs.

Eero Aarnio Pony "Chair" $2,100 at UrbanPeel.com
It's Pony Central, at Eero-Aarnio.com


i have a pony chair in orange that i wish to sell - anyone interested ?

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