October 12, 2004

October is Children's Month at Apartment Therapy

weber_gogo.jpgCelebrate the little monsters in October. The excellent Apartment Therapy is featuring design, "furniture and household products for New York apartments that relate to children."

First up: daddy types favorite modern seed (which, DT reader Other Greg reports, recently had is running as I type a one-year anniversary sale at their Oakland studio).

Next: A city stroller roundup, which features, in addition to some of the usual suspects, the highly praised $20 Kolcraft base model umbrella stroller, and this one, the intriguing 2-wheeled Weber GoGo Trekking Stroller, which looks like a kid-friendly wheelbarrow/backpack.

October is Children's Month [Apartment Therapy]
NYC Stroller Competition
Until I find out more about the Weber GoGo Trekking...

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