October 11, 2004

Obligatory IKEA Caveats

Of course, while I praise their high chairs in one post, I have to point out the dark or crappy side of IKEA, too: 1) According to Apartment Therapy, the stores--especially the NYC-area locations--run out of stock way too frequently....
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Gawker Stalking Jon Stewart

MEMO FROM: Jon Stewart TO: Self SUBJECT: Move! Cf. the two most recent Gawker Stalkers:Oct. 11: Jon Stewart walking with his wife on 12th st. and 5th ave. A baby was strapped to his chest in one of those snuggly...
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Howto: escape the consequences of your random acts of violence

A funny, if inexplicable flash-tutorial for how to wreak patriarchal havoc without getting in trouble. [via Anil] Dad's Home [safe for work, but watch the volume if there's a sleeping kid nearby]...
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Totally Decent IKEA High Chairs

For someone who doesn't live within the gravitational pull of an IKEA, visiting the store can be an epiphany. Sometimes, it can even break through your own IKEA fatigue and cause you to take a fresh look at the stuff...
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