October 9, 2004

George W. Bush made my baby cry, too

We left the kid at Grandma's house last night so we could attend the opening of a friend's art exhibit. When we called Grandma at 9:45, well after the kid's supposed bedtime (obviously, Grandma lets her get away with anything.), we learned the two of them were up playing and watching the Bush/Kerry debate.

The kid had only taken intermittent interest in the TV, but, we heard, the one moment when she did turn toward the screen, the all-worked-up face of George W. Bush suddenly appeared. Within seconds, the kid jutted out her lower lip-- you can't get any more actionable intelligence than that, my friends--and let out a wailing cry. She repeated her reaction later, during another assertive Bush reply.

Then I saw this AFP photo on Yahoo, and wondered, is two a trend?

Maybe it's not that simple. Maybe the country's babies are more evenly divided. One kid doesn't cry [what, no socks?], and another seems indifferent, even if his BC04 bodysuit give his parents' leanings away.

You can vote with your wallets: "I wouldn't vote for Bush if I were you" baby t-shirts, and Bush/Cheney '04 infant romper.

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