October 7, 2004

Stupid Creatures

stupid_creature.gifThink of Stupid Creatures as the result of Ugly Dolls hooking up under a Stitch'T quilt. Stupid Creatures are actually the creation of John Murphy, no doubt the hippest ceramicist/illustrator in North Carolina [sic]. He makes them from old socks and "other reclaimed materials."

Soon, you'll never have to throw away a piece of clothing again. You'll just ship it off to some entrepreneur, who'll transform it into a useful household item or toy.

Of course, there are some made-from-socks toys that become far more familiar than the socks they're made from. I mean, how long has it been since you've seen someone with a pair of those sock monkey socks? [outside of Vermont, that is.]

Bonus: The gallery has some interesting baby name options, although you can never let little Chickenhead know you named him after someone else's used-sock doll.

Stupid Creatures are $40, factory-direct. [via Mighty Goods]
Ugly Dolls now come in mini-size, which snap on a stroller. Stitch'T turns your old T-shirts into quilts.

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