October 5, 2004

Yoyamart--Like daddytypes: the store

We were walking around Hudson St. Sunday afternoon when we popped into Yoya and Yoyamart, a clothes shop and toy/gizmo/furniture shop, respectively.

First, Yoya has an uncommonly cool selection of kids clothes, none of it particularly cheap.

Yoyamart, meanwhile, is chock full of Japanese robot toys and older kids clothes, but they also have so much stuff I've posted about on Daddy Types, someone should be paying someone a commission. For example: Takashi Murakami plush toys; that David Netto lacquer nursery furniture; Ugly Dolls.

Yoya was started by two couples. Check them out online, or in person at 15 Gansevoort St, where you can actually see something.

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We were lucky to have a friend whose cousin husband lives in Australia. She had them send us a great carrier for our baby. It's a sling thing, with no buckles or rings to trip you up. It has padding for the baby and you can carry him in a lot of different positions. Until now I thought there was only the Bjorn type baby carrier, or feminine looking things with rings and bits I wouldn't know what to do with. This one is called Gentle Nest and it's from Australia, but they do ship all over. It's super easy to use. I'd recommend it to every Dad who has ever struggled with clips, buckles and ties.

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