October 4, 2004

Farmer Jason: 10/4 at Pete's Candy Store in Williamsburg

farmer_jason.jpgHeads up to New Yorkers (or at least to Brooklynites and the non-lazy in Manhattan who don't mind crossing the river): Jason Ringenberg, aka Farmer Jason, is performing next Sunday 10/4 at 4PM at Pete's Candy Store.

Jason Ringenberg is the godfather of alt.country, or the biggest rebel in Nashville. Or on a farm between Nashville and Memphis, to be exact. With the arrival of little kids on the farm, he put out A Day At The Farm With Farmer Jason. Now if I just mention "farm" a half dozen more times, you may become curious enough to venture out next weekend and see just what kind of "farmer" sings in a Williamsburg hipster hangout.

Buy A Day At The Farm With Farmer Jason on Amazon and learn the words before you go!
Jason Ringenberg official site
Pete's Candy Store - Live Music Nightly! and in the afternoon on Sunday

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