September 30, 2004

Tyvek, The Paper-like Miracle Toy

Tyvek, the stuff of Fedex envelopes and This Old House product placements, seems to be a happily indestructible alternative to paper, which the kid loves to chew on (and turn to mash, and incite a panic when we realize 15% of that napkin we just grabbed away from her is missing, oh no, she's gonna choke on it, quick fish it out. eew.)

Buy Tyvek envelopes at Stapl-- are you kidding? They're free in every supply closet and at the Post Office.

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Thought you'd like to know that books that go with the Little Touch LeapPad by LeapFrog, for kids 6 mos to 36 mos, are made of Tyvek pages for this reason. You can even re-flatten them with an iron if your kid crumples the pages. (Use a dish towel between if you are thinking of setting iron to paper!)

P.S. Not claiming to be a savvy consumer; I work there.

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