September 27, 2004

What If Daddy Wants a New President, Too?

Two new options from Lowercase Tee for putting political slogans on your kids:

The cute but slightly presumptuous imposition of your opinion on your child's ("I wouldn't vote for Bush if I were you") or the wildly one-sided ("Mommy wants a new president.")

I mean really, is this the kind of polarizing, daddy-excluding dialogue we want to pull our kids into?

Lowercase Tee t-shirts "for kids," $19+$3s&h [Lowercasetee, via TMN]
Red, White & Blue Diaper Babies: political gear for kids [DT]

P.S. The White House said that obviously, there are pro-Bush tees, because he was honorably discharged. So far, though, the only ones I've seen were fakes.

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I bought my kid his W t-shirt here...

Vote W in November

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