September 22, 2004

SoHo House for Kids (BYOE)

I'm putting this in 'news' because DaddyTypes doesn't have a category for 10-20,000 square foot members-only spa/gym/club/playlands in SoHo for babies and their parents mothers.

Citibabes in in the works for a 10,000-sf loft in SoHo; there'll be a gym, some kind of playground, and a mom & baby boutique by editor/sister/mom/wife of my old posse member (hey, Euan!)-turned-designer Lucy Sykes. Other Page Six-compatible names are involved as well, and while membership will be referral-based, explains co-founder Tara Gordon Lipton, "The children won't have to interview before any sort of board. I'm sure that will happen when they want to get into kindergarten." [But wouldn't it be good practice? How about a Kaplan for Kindergarten?]

The NY Post calls it SoHo House for kids, but the founders play down any similarity. [I guess that means the kids'll have to bring their own Ecstasy.]

And two's a trend: Kidville is a similar, less 20,000-sf joint set to open on the UES. It'll have a stroller-friendly movie theater, but frankly, you could buy a lot of car service vouchers to Reel Moms 34th St with the $2,195/year dues. [via Gothamist Jen]

Club Kids [NYPost]
Celeb kids party at SoHo House includes X on the floor. Fun! [SALTYT]
Reel Moms NYC, convenient to no one, 34th & 8th [Loews]


Well, I guess the members-only philosophy has to engrained into weel-heeled babes at some point...I just wonder what's next - exclusive meals in the womb?

Sounds like fun...

Have you guys checked out Sydney's Playground yet? It's a very nice indoor space to play or host a party. Tribeca - can't recall the street right now - but cool for NYC parents looking for a realistic place to go especially with the winter coming.

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