September 21, 2004

Camo Everything, Let God Sort'em Out

camo_headband_cbc.gifWe have few hard and fast rules around the house, but No Headbands makes the cut. [Luckily, the kid had so much hair, we didn't need to get into No Taping A Bow On The Kid's Bald Head.] Besides accentuating a baby head's most billiard ball-like qualities [Stripes or solids? Stripes.], they just look funny.

My real issue with headbands and taped bows (OK, my real issue is they look embarassingly bad. This is my philosophical rationalization.) is they seem too much like "playing dress up," as if the kid is just an excuse to get a bunch of outfits [as opposed to an excuse to get a badass stroller? mea culpa.].

That said, you gotta pick your battles. The dress-up doll ideal has been around a lot longer than you or I, and if the woman who just gave birth to your child, after carrying it her womb for nine months, is adamant about a headband, well, you see where I'm going with this.

I don't know if a headband made out of hunter's camouflage is going to help your situation, but I'll just throw it out there. It's from an outfit called Cool Baby Clothing, but it might as well be called Camo Baby Everything. Booties and shoes, blankets, bags, bodysuits, and my favorite, the camo crib. Get too much of this stuff, and you'll need infrared goggles to find your kid. Like in Predator. [What about a headband with Predator dreds on the back?]

Infant camo headband, $4.95 at Cool Baby Clothing
Possibly the only dust ruffle I'll ever link to, $24.95, also at CBC
"Camo" closing in as Daddy Types' most frequent subject, after "Bugaboo"
Thanks to modern day dad, who just launched into stay-at-home-dadhood. [The View starts at 10, MDD]


I use the "bow" (with velcro) on my little girl for one simple reason: she has little hair and since I don't dress her up in pink (ugh!), it makes it easier for all the 'passerby wellwishers" to identify my little one as a girl. I thought they were silly when my wife came home with them, but now I don't have to explain to people that just because she is wearing blue does not mean she is a boy.

Three types of camo patterns?! Camo dresses, flouncy camo bedding for the whole family and camo girlie outfits? "Daddy's Little Hunter" tees? All that and pint size silky peignoir sets? Sounds perfect for the love child of Major Dad and Suzanne Sugarbaker. Wait...Gerald McRainey and Delta Burke are married? Do they know about this?!! Too many exclamation points and question marks required for this and it's my first post ever. And it should be Li'l' hunter, but no one can eve get that abbreviation right anyway.

Hmm... besides no headbands (okay, we did it once, ironically), our other rule is "no cammo." It's really just my rule, though, as the wife has been asking to get our daughter something in pink cammo. Yuck!

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